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Algorithms are the universal building blocks of programming. They power the software

you use every day, whether it's a spreadsheet, a social network, or a driving

assistant. Algorithms offer a way to think about programming challenges in plain

English, before they are translated into a specific language like C# or javascript.

In this course, author and developer Joe Marini explains some of the most popular

and useful algorithms for searching and sorting information, working with techniques

like recursion, and understanding common data structures. He also discusses the

performance implications of different algorithms and how to evaluate the performance

of a given algorithm. Each algorithm is shown in practice in Python, but the lessons

can be applied to any programming language.
Topics include:
Measuring algorithm performance
Working with data structures such as arrays, stacks, and queues
Looping and recursion
Sorting data
Searching data
Filtering and value counting with hash tables

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Tags: Programming, Foundations, Algorithms

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