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Eat3D - ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques (2011) (New Links)
Eat3D - ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques (2011) (New Links)
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Inthis DVD, Instructor Mike Jensen goes into depth on many hard surfacetechniques in ZBrush. Mike starts off by explaining in detail manytechniques like customizing the ui, creating meshes, brushes, andstamps. Next he then takes you through the process of creating an entiremechanical character and covers everything from starting with a conceptmesh to creating a clean base mesh and detailing. Mike then takes thefinal model into 3ds Max and uses V-Ray to create materials and renderout layer passes. Last he takes the renders into Photoshop to compositethem together.

This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn how to create hard surface characters inside ZBrush.

Aboutthe Instructor: Mike Jensen is a character artist from the US whospecializes in creating mechanical characters in zbrush. He has createdseveral training packages on ZBrush including the book Zen of ZBrushand the e-book ZBrush Techniques. Mike is currently a freelancer whois dedicated to developing new techniques within ZBrush to producemechanical characters with the same quality, precision, and accuracy of atraditional 3d modeling package.

Apps Used: ZBrush 4
Project Files: Included are the ZBrush files, stamps, and alphas as shown in the DVD.

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Eat3D - ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques (2011) (New Links)



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