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Skiing Skills Collection
Skiing Skills Collection
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Five videos that teach everything from beginner concepts to advanced techniques on skis:
Skiing Skills: Beginners and Beyond -
They say there is no substitute for snow time when you are learning to ski. Even if this is true this DVD comes a very close second. The proven training methods within the DVD will accelerate the progress of an absolute beginner from their first slide on the snow to being able to competently navigate the mountain enjoying a wide range of pistes to ski. It is also a valuable tool for more experienced skiers too as the techniques are worth watching time and time again as you progress and improve. The training methods are based on the world renowned British Association of Snowsports Instructors (B.A.S.I.) training scheme which revolves around the ‘Central Theme’. This means that everything you learn, from your first day’s tuition and beyond, is applicable to aspects of skiing whatever standard you ultimately achieve. B.A.S.I. experts Sean Langmuir and Deirdre Angella accompany presenter and one time ski instructor Peter Hart as they take you through the ‘Central Theme’. The Ski Club of Great Britain’s Al Morgan and Carrie Hainge offer further insights into all things skiing. But this DVD does not only go into the mechanics of how to ski, in eight different sections it takes an encyclopaedic look at everything that makes the ski experience so fantastic. There are separate sections on pre-ski exercises and skis and boots, plus interviews around the psychology involved in overcoming fear and the thinking behind modern ski methods. There is also a top tips section and frequently asked questions with the Ski Club. The programme was filmed by courtesy of Neilson Ski in Hemsedal, Norway: possibly one of the best beginner’s locations to be found anywhere.

Skiing Skills: Piste performance -
Screaming round in a perfect arc with not a centimetre of side slip, banked over at 45,catapulting round the turn and exiting faster than you went in; then looking back to see two perfect knife tracks in the snow the sensation of carving a ski is just awesome! The truth is that thanks to modern skis, you can start tracking around on your edges after just a few weeks skiing. Its the next level thats tricky. Why do you lose it the moment you ramp up the speed? How do you take up those extreme angles without skidding out? The distinguished team of Peter Hart (presenter and coach), Sean Langmuir (former Olympian and BASI training manager) and Amanda Pirie (former World Cup racer) have the answers. And they dont focus solely on carving. They also show how to vary and shape your turns to control speed and cope with every eventuality on the piste. The DVD is packed full of extras including bundles of advice from the Ski Club of Great Britain. Piste Performance, the second instalment from the Skiing Skills collection, was filmed across the Alps by award winning Acrobat TV. A high speed, 1000 frames per second camera was used for the first time, producing breath-taking action sequences and offering a detailed insight into the skills needed to master your piste performance and carving.

Skiing Skills: Mastering moguls -
Bumps, moguls, ‘damn lumps in the middle of the piste’ call them what you like, you can’t avoid them if you want to ski the whole mountain. But why do so many skiers eye them with a pathological dread? Because bumps find them out, that’s why. Bump skiing is hard work. There’s little room for error and all the elements of your game are tested - not least your fitness. However, the undiluted buzz of threading a clean, controlled line through the moguls is immense. The question is how do you ski them? And more pertinently, how do you get to that heady standard with only the odd week to practice? There’s no magic solution, but Mastering Moguls, the third installment from the Skiing Skills collection, is the next best thing. Presenter Peter Hart, along with BASI’s training manager Sean Langmuir, provide a clear step by step program that makes skiing moguls look both approachable and achievable. They cover the techniques, the tactics (where do you turn on them?) and tackle the psychological issues. The DVD also contains a host of extras including advice from the Ski Club of Great Britain on how to choose your ideal resort, plus a section on specialist fitness training. Mastering Moguls is informative, entertaining, humorous, spectacular and will make you want to get out there and ski every mogul in sight.

In Deep -
In the eyes of many, deep snow skiing remains the exclusive territory of the very fit and the vastly experienced. In Deep erodes this myth and shows how any basic parallel skier, with a little guidance, can quickly modify those simple skills to link smooth graceful turns in the powder.

In Deeper -
Manage that stuff in "In Deep"? There's more to learn here but it's still achievable and any skier keen enough to master these basic skills will be on the verge of entering snowy heaven.

Skiing Skills Collection





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